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Local business databases - Startup & High Growth businesses

Business Start Up Databases – Business Startup & High Growth Business Startup Lists UK

Want local B2B sales leads in your area? Get the latest startup business lists data to your inbox!

We own a network of local business directories and business magazine websites that help promote local businesses and provide free business advertising and paid advertising. The submissions to these directories consist of both high growth start up businesses and small businesses actively seeking to promote and grow.

Our data is not just filtered from a large pool of company formations, the companies are actively seeking to grow their businesses

“Great data, quality, rather than quantity. Because the businesses have been added manually I know the businesses are current and seeking to grow, ideal timing and great leads for my business.”

Looking for new b2b sales leads for your business?

If you sell to other businesses, you can generate fresh high-quality leads from start-ups and high growth startup businesses by subscribing to our local business start up and  fast growing business database.

Open up new markets and generate leads for your product or service

The Start Up Edge database is the proven way to generate new sales from quality local leads of new potential business customers in your area. Your Start Up Edge subscription will provide you with a constant and easy-to-manage flow of new sales leads direct to your inbox.

Every month you will receive a prospect list of all the new businesses in the areas you specify – including limited companies and sole traders. We will give you their full contact details, all fully verified and ready for you to follow up with direct sales or marketing.

Sales leads hot off the press

New B2B data is current and up-to-date so you will achieve the best possible conversion rates. You can rest assured that all New B2B data has been checked for accuracy and cross-referenced against telephone, fax and mailing preference service files for your protection. In fact, everything’s ready for you to start selling your products or services with confidence.

Target only the areas you need

Your New B2B subscription can be targeted geographically so you receive local sales leads, or information from whichever areas you choose. New B2B allows you to get local information fast, or explore and target new markets.

Act quickly and you can be supplying new businesses before your competitors even know they exist!

Seeking More B2B Sales Leads?

Local business databases - Startup & High Growth businesses