Could a part time business work for you?

It’s no secret that starting a brand new business can be tough. High start up costs, staff training, admin and marketing can all mount up, leaving entrepreneurs feeling a little overwhelmed. Keeping it part time is a great way to ease into the world of business and ensure you have time for other commitments.

Even though you may not be spending 40 hours a week working at your business, if you choose the right venture, you should still be able to make a living as your own boss. If this has got you thinking about a career change, here are a few part time business ideas to get you started.

Who is best suited to part time work?

Pretty much everyone who works nine to five would love to cut their hours down to part time. However, due to financial demands or the type of industry they work in, more often than not this is simply not possible.

In general, part time work is best suited to those with limited time and existing commitments. Parents looking for a job that they can fit around their children, retirees hoping to top up their bank balance, students and people trying to start a new career while fulfilling existing work commitments are all perfectly suited to part time work.

What sorts of part time opportunities are available?

There are a number of part time business ideas out there just waiting to be taken advantage of.

From teaching exercise classes like yoga, Pilates, aerobics or zumba to becoming a personal tutor, van based, dog walker or cleaner, imaginative entrepreneurs can choose from a wide choice of businesses in a variety of areas.

How to make your part time business a success

Just like full time businesses, part time ventures take time to develop and to grow. You’ll need to put a lot of energy into marketing your business, using tools like social media, advertising and flyering to get the word out and attract new customers.

Just like with full time enterprises, part time entrepreneurs will need to come up with detailed business plans, keep up to date with market research and provide a high level of customer service if they want to build a good reputation and make their business a success.

Starting up a part time business is the perfect way to launch a new career and
give yourself the work-life balance you need. Why not take a look at your CV to decide which type of part time venture is for you?
Source: UK Businesses For Sale