Facebook ad targeting: every possible option available [infographic]


A couple of weeks ago, a “simplified” Facebook Ads Manager user interface arrived, merging what used to be several separate targeting boxes into one megabox.

Now demographics, interests, and behaviors all live within this one ‘Detailed Targeting’ box.

Everything from job titles, to life events, to industries, to purchase behavior, are all lumped together in here. Advertisers will have to find it all by hunting with autocomplete.

This change makes it much harder to know which ad targeting options are available. Are advertisers supposed to search blindly, just guessing what targeting options Facebook has?

There are literally tens of thousands Facebook ad targeting options that go beyond basics like age, gender, and language.

Seriously, just look at what happens just for the letter A. You get everything from “In a relationship,” to “Asia,” to “Less than $20,000.”


Detailed targeting used to be, well, more detailed! Facebook laid out the options in a much more logical and granular way for advertisers, many of whom already found Facebook advertising a bit overwhelming.

Isn’t there a much better way? Yes! All hope is not lost!


A new infographic from my company, WordStream lays out every possible Facebook ad targeting option in one helpful infographic.

We’ve collected every single Facebook advertising option in the epic infographic below: demographics, interests, behaviors, connections, and remarketing.

Save it and use it as you’re preparing and optimizing your next Facebook ads campaign. Take advantage of all these powerful combinations to reach your target audience on Facebook.


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