Tell me why, you don’t like Mondays?

Happy at Work?

Great if you are, unfortunately many employees can feel dissatisfied in their current role the top five reasons for employees to feel disgruntled include, pay, lack of career advancement, bad management, strained relations with uncooperative colleagues and working long hours especially, if a hefty commute is required. Unhappy employees can cause a lack of motivation and lethargy in the workforce.

If you feel unhappy with your career choice, perhaps you have outgrown the business. What seemed a great job 5 years ago now leads to disappointment and frustration the need for a complete career change may be long overdue.

People unhappy in their current employment may look around to find a “better” job or perhaps the ideal business idea for them. Running your own enterprise will bring many challenges with hard work and dedication high rewards can be achieved, being your own boss is something many employees strive for, particularly for budding entrepreneurs who relish the idea of being their own boss and have the ability to make their own decisions.

Would be entrepreneurs, wishing to own a business may consider investing in a franchise opportunity, franchise opportunities are attractive as they provide training and support, others may decide to take the plunge and set-up a business from scratch.

Coming out of the financial security of employment can be scary and requires careful consideration. Points to consider include, Your financial situation – can you meet the mortgage and bills while your are setting up your business or franchise? The business type that most suits your skills? The location of the business? Can you operate a home based business or will you require commercial premises? Your target market? Who will use your product or service? Where will your business fit into the market? How long will the process take?

Once you have answered all the questions and feel determined to take the plunge you will have an advantage, having previously been an unhappy employee, when you have your business up and running you will be the best boss out there and your employees will love Mondays!

Source: Business Ideas UK