The rise and rise of Mumpreneurs


Whether it’s running after school clubs, organising fundraising events or selling unwanted goods at a car boot sale, mums have always been an entrepreneurial breed. Resourceful, adaptable and ambitious, they are able to turn their hands to a variety of moneymaking schemes and projects.

If you’re an ambitious mum yourself or you’re lucky enough to be married to one or to be the child of one, it will come as no surprise that more and more are combining motherhood with business. These ‘Mumpreneurs’ are popping up in a variety of industries and businesses, using the experience, organisational skills and patience they’ve learnt at home to make a real success in the workplace.

What’s driving Mumpreneurs?

All around the country, childcare costs are on the up. In some areas a family with two children can be looking at annual childcare costs of up to £12,000, an awful lot of money for a country still recovering from the financial crisis.

As a result, more and more mums are choosing to work from home, allowing them to look after the kids and earn money at the same time. What’s more, these ambitious women aren’t just working for other people, increasing numbers are going it alone, founding businesses and becoming their own boss.

Around one in five of these women are driven specifically by concerns over the cost of childcare, with more hoping to improve their quality of life and provide a stable home for their growing brood.

Which industries are Mumpreneurs appearing in?

Though Mumpreneurs are popping up in a range of industries, most are drawn towards businesses concerned with health, beauty, childcare and lifestyle.

Franchises are especially suitable for Mumpreneurs as they allow them the freedom to choose their own hours and be their own boss while having the security of an established name and operating method behind them.

From selling Avon products at the school gates to hosting Tupperware parties for brands like Betterware, Mumpreneurs are making the most of their positions as mothers and business owners to make successes of their careers.

Can Mumpreneurs make enough money to live on?

As most Mumpreneurs have adjusted their careers to fit around childcare, many work part time hours and so need the income of a partner to supplement their household finances.

However, with enough energy, hard work and enthusiasm, even part time
ventures can produce full time salaries, allowing Mumpreneurs to transform their family’s finances and build a lucrative and satisfying career.

How to become a Mumpreneur?

If you’ve been inspired to quit your full time job, work from home and become a Mumpreneur yourself, the first step is to find a franchise that fits your skillset, your budget and your lifestyle.

Once you’ve done that, all you need is a lot of elbow grease, good business sense and a bit of dedication and you’ll be building your new career before you know it.
Source: Franchise UK