Unusual Business Ideas For Women


Though more and more women are joining the world of business every year, most are still working in traditionally female dominated sectors. From healthcare and education to beauty and PR, there are certain industries where women have been making their mark for years.

As well as being the areas that women are naturally drawn to, these types of jobs can be easier for female workers to access as there is already a precedent set for women working in the field. However, there are a lot more jobs out there and many industries would benefit from an influx of women into their ranks.


Take a look at any construction site in the UK and you’ll quickly notice that they contain almost no women whatsoever. In fact, around 99% of the people who work on building sites in the UK are men, with women making up just 14% of the entire industry workforce.

Most of the women who do work in construction are secretaries, designers or admin personnel and jobs in construction are still seen as unusual business ideas for women.

Though starting a business in construction could be a challenge for a women at first, the fact that they will be almost completely unique in their field could give them a real advantage in the long run.


Another sector almost completely dominated by men is the online gambling industry.

Since the regulations governing the industry were loosened in 2005, the number of online gambling businesses has soared. Today, the industry is thought to be worth £2bn a year in the UK alone, with the number of people betting regularly increasing year on year.

Though most online betting businesses are run by men, one of the biggest, Bet365, was actually founded by a woman. Entrepreneur Denise Coates launched the business in the year 2000 and today it boasts a revenue of more than £650m.


Many women are put off of studying technology, or from pursuing a career in the industry, because of its male orientated image. Only 11% of business owners in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics sector are women, compared to 33% in the wider world of business.

However, there are some brave women taking on the men and starting technology companies of their own. One of the most notable examples is Elizabeth Varley, founder of TechHub and committed lover of technology.

What’s even more impressive is that, as well as creating a successful business in a male dominated field, Varley did it without investment or capital funds, relying instead on revenue as a funding model.

If you’re a women thinking about starting a new business, why not buck the trend and make your mark on a male dominated industry? By thinking outside the box and using your skills and experience, you might just beat them at their own game.
Source: UK Franchise Opportunities