What are the most popular business ideas right now?

What are the most popular business ideas right now?

Throughout the pandemic, people have gotten far more into business ownership, development and growth. The increase in popularity of working from home has shown people that they don’t need a workplace – having the ability to work remotely can make people far more independent and driven than they ever expected. Here are just a few successful business startup ideas that are popular and could turn a profit in 2021.

Online content creation

Being at home and furloughed in the initial lockdown had a major impact on a lot of people. There was a lot less to do, and rather than just letting the day roll by, a lot of people channelled their energy into making content online. This is a very broad area and covers a whole range of mediums. Whether you’re looking to upload videos about your life on a popular website, play games on an online streaming site or write in-depth articles about a topic of your choosing, the internet is your oyster!

One of the best things about working for yourself in online content creation is that you get the final say over your output. You can truly express yourself in a medium that you enjoy, rather than producing work according to someone else’s specific requirements. Making what you want can be truly liberating, and growing an audience this way is one of the most rewarding things you can do. If you have any interest in launching your business in creating what you enjoy, why not give it a go?

Restaurants and catering

There’s no way to avoid it, restaurants and the catering industry as a whole had a difficult 2020. Premises around the world have been forced to close due to the pandemic, meaning that businesses which are unable to deliver their food to customers have been struggling. However, we’re now a year into the pandemic, vaccines are becoming far more commonplace around the world (with over 4% of the global population vaccinated at the time of writing) and the restaurant industry may be about to boom once more.

People are almost begging to get back to regular life at this stage. Being shut away from friends and extended family for such a long time means that people will likely relish the ability to get back to life as it was and, combined with major sporting events around the world taking place in the summer of 2021, restaurants and pubs alike will find their doors flooded with interested patrons. Although not the most revolutionary of startup business ideas, now could be the perfect opportunity to build your restaurant business in time to capitalise on the boom.

Custom apparel selling

Customised clothing is always a market that will have a consistent level of demand. Whether business customers are looking for bespoke designs for their employees’ uniforms, or a stag party needs T-shirts to help them to stand out from the crowd, businesses that sell customised T-shirts, hoodies and more will always find themselves with some customers that need clothing printed especially for them.

One thing to consider when looking into selling customised clothing is the initial cost of setting up your business. Where online content creation has a very minimal startup cost and the costs of a restaurant tend to be more long-term, a T-shirt printer can set you back a significant amount. If you’re looking to go down this route, you’ll need to have more initial resources available to you than with the alternative options in this list.

Whatever works for you

Whilst these ideas are popular at the moment, they might not be for you! Restaurants require a lot of dedication to keep running, content creation can be difficult and requires self-discipline, and T-shirt printing can be seen as a risk due to the initial investment required. These trends have developed because of a range of factors, and you should only dive headfirst into your business idea if you’re willing to stick by it even when work gets hard.

One of the best things about the small business boom in the pandemic is that it was driven by people who had a desire to do what they loved and to make money from it. If the pandemic has shown you that you can work independently and you’d love to forge your own path in the world of business, look to what you love and see how you can turn that into a living. If you can do what you love, you might never need to work another day in your life.

Don’t forget, that if a business startup isn’t for you, then you may be interested in opening a franchise business. Franchises are established businesses which are ready to replicate. You can browse recruitment franchises for sale at franchise-uk.co.uk offering a wide range of franchises from mortgage franchises to print and sign franchises. There are literally thousands, so being your own boss has never been more conveninent.