Education franchises – How to buy an education franchise

First of all this may seem very obvious of how to buy a education franchise or any franchise. But i’m making this since some people want to run their own businesses but just don’t know how to make it happen. Firstly i will be sharing some stats about why the education market is a profitable one in the UK and also sharing the best ways if you already own an education business how to enter the franchising market.

Is the education market profitable?

Say you are running a private tutoring franchise i will share some numbers now which show in the UK you have a massive customer base.

Did you know?

  • There are just over 10 Million pupils in the UK in 2019
  • There are currently over 500,000 full-time teachers in the UK
  • The average secondary school spends £172,560 on educational resources in 2017
  • The average secondary school budget is just over £4 million pounds in 2017 in the UK

So this does show any franchise to do with private tutoring or any extra help with school work is a huge market in the UK and has a massive customer base.

What are the different types of educational franchises?

When you think of a educational franchise what comes to mind? If you think its just private tutoring think again since the UK educational franchising sector is huge and there are many different aspects to education these days. Since a educational franchise can be anything from private tutoring all the way to a programming class. So all you need to do before buying is working out which works best for you. Say you are very much in to tech i would suggest something around the lines of a programming class franchise. Or say you are in to mathematics you could privately tutor secondary school students maths.

How would i buy a franchise?

Now when we come to this question i would definitely suggest online. Since meeting someone to buy a business now is very old fashioned with the stuff we have now such as email you can contact them and buy a franchise without even having to meet the franchisor once these days using websites called franchise portals. You may be asking now what is a franchise portal? A franchise portal is a website full of franchise opportunities ready for purchase for a small franchisee startup fee.

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully this blog has answered some questions you may have had about starting up a educational franchise opportunity or even starting up your own educational business and becoming a franchisor. If education franchises are not you cup of tea stick around since on this blog we will be covering many industries in the competitive UK franchising market.

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