Care franchises – A great way to achieve your dream career

So with care businesses thriving in the UK market it shows what a successful market the care industry is in the UK these days.

In fact did you know?

This statistic shows employment in the personal services franchise industry in the United States from 2007 to 2018. In 2017, the number of people employed in the U.S. personal services franchise industry was estimated at 492,426.

Why this is so interesting for the UK market?

I know this statistic is do with with the US but overall this does show the potential of the personal services franchise industry in the UK. Even if we have just 20% of the franchising outreach in the US. Since only having 20% of the franchise market the US has that would still be over 90,000 people employed in the UK which are huge numbers.

How is franchising in the UK market?

Even though we have no where near as much exposure for franchising and outreach as the US do franchising still brings a lot to the table for the UK economy contributing to just over £17 billion a year to the UK economy which shows a whole lot of potential for the future of franchising in the UK. So now is definitely the right time to join the care franchise market since it could be the best career choice you have ever made.

Does franchising work?

See a lot of companies do not like franchising or are worried to go in to franchising straight away which makes sense since one thing you definitely do not want to do is go global the first year of starting a company since it will bring a lot of stress to the business and financial struggles for the average business. So one tip to anyone new to running a business is do not rush in to franchising do it when you have backup and investment money ready.

The different types of care franchises?

Okay so when we say care franchise do not instantly think of a care home since that is not the case. Since care is a personal services so i will be covering the two different types of care franchise opportunities in the UK and what the name and description is for them.

The two types of care and definitions?

Domestic care

  • Where the carers come to you.
  • They do many things daily such as do cleaning, washing and any household chores.
  • You can call for them and they come out to you.
  • You are in your own home but the residents call for assistance when needed.

In-home care

  • Carers do all your chores just like domestic care but in your room in the care shelter.
  • Care homes is for people who normally have illnesses.
  • In-home care is when you are in a home you just call the carers or any assistance while you are in your room.

So now you know the two types of care franchises in the UK.

Which one is right for me?

It all depends on which you would be most comfortable with running. Of course there are things any franchisor wants when you buy a franchise especially when its such a important job like care. Since with elderly you have to have good patience and work well in teams if you are good with both of these i would suggest running and in-home care franchise. Say you are a very caring and patient person but don’t work well in teams and prefer like a managing role i would suggest a domestic care franchise.

Thanks for reading!

Of course like always thank you for reading and taking the time to read through this blog and hopefully this has helped you understand more about the franchise market in the UK and more importantly the care industry. Also if the care industry is not your cup of tea and our looking at other sectors stay tuned since on this blog we will cover many industries of franchising.

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