Three Surprising Facts Around The Fitness Industry

Today i will be covering three facts around the fitness industry in the UK. Which might surprise you and could also show you buying a business or franchising a business within the fitness sector in 2020 could potentially be a amazing career choice. If you like our content make sure to check our blog regularly because we constantly provide free content. Which can help anyone run their own successful business in the UK in 2020.

1.) The fitness industry is growing fast

People may ask well how fast is it growing in the UK? I can assure you the fitness industry is growing rapidly in the UK. Also i will be sharing a few stats to prove my points and show people the true potential of running a fitness franchises in the UK.

Did you know?

  • In 2019 gym / fitness club membership grew by just over 4.7% in the UK alone
  • The total membership numbers for gym’s in the UK grew to 10.4 million in the UK

2.) Its a very profitable business model

There is no denying that the fitness industry in the UK is not massive. The reason for this is times have changed people these days care very much about there health. In 2020 the health & fitness industry is very trendy towards the younger generation and overall inspiring everyone to improve their fitness balance.

Now i will share a few facts that prove the fitness industry is a very profitable market in 2020.

Did you know?

  • The health & fitness industry is worth over £5.1 billion every year just in the UK
  • There was just over 10.4 million memberships paid for for health & fitness clubs

These facts show its not just a profitable business it also shows how many possible clients you can get aboard every year. Also from some facts i shared in point one shows it growing every year so that also means its not just profitable its a sustainable business.

3.) The numbers don’t lie

So now i have proven the fitness industry is not just profitable also that it is a sustainable business. But now i am going to show how many fitness clubs there were in the UK using figures generated by experts in 2019.

Did you know?

  • In 2019 in the UK alone there was over 6.9 Thousand health & fitness public and private clubs

These numbers show that its a profitable industry. But remember there are many competitors. But just like any business if you work hard and its run under good management you can achieve anything. Always remember when running your fitness business the world is your oyster the possibilities are endless.

Thanks for reading

Thank you for reading this post. If you are looking to run a fitness business or even buy a fitness franchise and become a franchisee i hope this has helped you. And to anyone reading and thinking the fitness industry is not for you do not worry. Since we cover many topics on this blog and provide regular free information to help anyone achieve their dreams of running a successful business in the UK. If you feel a fitness franchise would be the right decision for you browse a list of fitness franchises for sale at this franchise directory

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