Pet Franchises: The Barking Opportunity You Have Been Looking For!

Why a pet franchise? You may ask. But did you know in the UK there is a bigger demand for personal services than ever before these vary between care to a simple dog walking franchise. Since any business helping people by hiring people to do chores fits the category of a personal service franchise. Today i will be covering the pet sector of personal services. I will also describe the points in detail and share some interesting stats around the pet franchise industry in the UK. So if you are a beginner to franchising and are looking to become a franchisee or even franchise your pet related business this is definitely the post for you.

Why Become A Franchisee Of A Pet Franchise?

There are many pro’s of becoming a franchisee such as.

  • You become your own boss
  • You get to run your own business
  • If run correctly you will have financial stability

These are a few pros of running pet franchises in the UK in 2020. But did you know about the stats? Today i will be sharing some facts not just to prove a pet franchise will be profitable also to prove that it will be a stable business for the future generation of people.

Is A Pet Franchise Profitable?

Now i will be sharing some mind boggling facts on the UK pet industry to show its very profitable and a stable market and will be for a long time.

Did you know?

  • The UK spends £10 billion a year on their dogs
  • The UK spends just over £8 billion a year on their cats
  • 27% of pet owners admit spa treatments for their dogs
  • Did you know the market of pet care products made just over £5 billion pounds in 2020

These stats show the pet industry is not just profitable. It also shows that it is a stable market for a substantial investment. Since if run correctly you can make a very good annual turnover in the UK alone in the pet industry which is thriving and growing yearly in the UK and worldwide.

Why Is Franchising Good For The UK

Not only is franchising good for working class people inspired to run their own businesses and become their own bosses it is also good for the UK economy to thrive. Its provides not just money it provides jobs for working class people so its not just a golden opportunity for people wanting to run their own business. It also helps normal working class people looking for a new job or career path.

Did you know?

  • Franchising contributes to over £17 billion to the UK economy
  • Franchising also raises millions for charity
  • Franchising in 2019 alone provided over 700,000 jobs in the UK

Is A Pet Franchise For You?

Now you have to seriously think is a pet franchise for you. Since running a pet franchise is a serious business full of competitors. Yes it can be a very good opportunity if run right. Remember to look after pets you need to be a patient person. Because us pet owners know looking after a pet is like looking after a baby sometimes. So its not just the money you have to run the franchise. Since the whole point of running your own business is not to think its just your job you want it to be your passion and most importantly your inspiration to get up in the morning.

Thanks For Reading

Hopefully this blog has helped anyone looking in to buying a pet franchise in the UK. One thing to remember in buying a business do not rush in to it give this post a read and sleep on it. Since its not just making money its about deciding which will be the best career path for you. Of course if the pet industry is not for you make sure to stay tuned on this blog. Since we share free information around the UK franchise market. And try to educate anyone around the franchise market in the UK to help people achieve their full potential for 2020.

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