Rise of home based franchises

Home based franchises – The rise of work from home businesses

It’s not a mystery why home based franchises have grown so much over the last 10 years or so. Roads & transport systems get busier all the time. This combined with rising travel costs which are also a factor. Because of this many people spend up to 4 hours travelling each day to and from work! This huge amount of travelling is not only very tiring, which can effect performance at work, but also has an impact on family life as in most families both parents work.

Technology also plays a part. This has helped people that wish to escape the rat race and set-up a work from home franchise business. With most people having high speed internet access & most business applications now being cloud based people can work anywhere. All people need these days is a laptop, phone & a good internet access to run a small business, but what sort of home based franchises are available?

There are many home based franchises for sale in the UK, some of these include;

  • Pet care franchises including pet sitting, dog walking, pet food
  • Travel agency & tourism – There are several travel agency franchise which are run online available
  • Language, tuition, coaching – This could be children tuition, business coaching & consulting

In fact the list of potential businesses that can be run from home via a work from home franchise opportunity are almost endless. The investment levels for this sort of franchise do vary, many home based franchises offer low cost franchise opportunities making the shift to a better work & life balance in reach for most people seeking a business investment.

Remember with any franchise or business opportunity you will need to think very carefully before buying a franchise & take professional advice before investing.

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